After completing the survey, you may chose to take part in a follow-up interview group of other NYC families. The interviews will be held on Zoom and will last no more than one hour.   We will discuss the survey results, and your own experiences, perspectives, and strategies for addressing problems. 

Participation in the interview is optional: you do not need to join the interviewing group to have your survey response count.  You may opt out of the interview at any time.

Zoom Audio Recording

We would like to audio record the focus groups for two reasons: to ensure the accuracy of your words, and to potentially include your voices in a podcast around the survey results, to be heard with your permission.  

You may still participate in this study if you do not wish to be audio recorded.  You may change your mind about being recorded at any time. 

After the session, we will transcribe the Zoom session and share it with you. At this time we will ask your permission to include your voice.   

Parent Focus Group Questions

The focus groups will address issues of main consensus, division and new topics that arise from the survey. Questions will be framed around the results of survey questions, which will allow the research team to further explore or raise additional topics. Topics and sample questions follow:

  1. Educational Access (identifying technological, emotional, nutritional, health-related, special needs) 


In the survey parents were divided about whether their child was able to keep up with their school’s academic expectations.  Can you tell us about your child’s experiences?

2. Curriculum/instruction 


In the survey, parents disagreed about whether their child’s school should teach children to be anti-racist.  Can you tell us about your views about this?  

3. School Operations and Communication 


In the survey, parents agreed that they were not included in the planning for their school reopening.  Can you tell us about your experiences at your child’s school? 

4. Hardship/loss 


In the survey, most parents reported that their families had experienced hardship during COVID.  Can you tell us about your family’s experiences?